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 - What We Offer

PeriFACTS is an ongoing, quality, continuing education program for obstetric care providers that serves as an excellent risk management tool.
PeriFACTS provides to subscribers up-to-date information on commonly encountered obstetric issues and the principles of fetal heart rate monitoring using a combination of clinical case studies and didactic reading materials.

What we offer – only for subscription outside the US

  • Flexible, cost-effective education for obstetric care providers.
  • Online access to the program and testing materials.
  • Several chapter topics each year that address medical, patient care, and socioeconomic issues.
  • Personal certifications for the passed scientific tests.
  • Related readings which focus on cross-training issues of postpartum, breastfeeding and newborn care.
  • Real-life obstetric clinical case presentations with fetal heart rate monitoring tracings and related questions.
  • E-mail support.
  • Networking with other subscribers.
  • With 5 registrations by the recommendation of a registered member the PeriFACTS access for another year is for free.