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PeriFACTS is an ongoing, quality, continuing education program for obstetric care providers that serves as an excellent risk management tool.
PeriFACTS provides to subscribers up-to-date information on commonly encountered obstetric issues and the principles of fetal heart rate monitoring using a combination of clinical case studies and didactic reading materials.

The program operates in rotating cycles and each cycle has 4 modules. The cycle focuses on a specific obstetric topic. During the course of the year, several different topic areas are covered. Perinatologists and obstetric nurse specialists at the University of Rochester's Strong Memorial Hospital who, in addition to their clinical duties, contribute to the PeriFACTS program, prepare and distribute the following:

Module 1
A Chapter Topic: A five to eight page detailed summary of current literature related to the specific topic being presented during the cycle. View a sample Chapter Topic

Module 2
An actual obstetric Clinical Case Study that includes a segment of fetal heart rate tracing and questions related to the clinical case study and module 1's reading material. View a sample Clinical Case

Module 3
A Related Reading focuses on cross-training issues of postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Every effort is made to relate this reading material to the current chapter topic. However, there are times when the STRONG PeriFACTS team feels strongly that an issue needs to be addressed even though it does not relate to the chapter topic. View a sample Related Reading

Module 4
A second obstetric Clinical Case Study, fetal heart rate tracing, and questions that relate to the clinical case study and the module3's reading materials. View another sample Clinical Case

At the end of the cycle the program participants interpret the tracing, answer the clinical case questions, and submit their answers online. For the correct answers on the test of each case the participants receive a personal certification. The test can be repeated twice.

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